Saturday, July 31, 2010


#761 - A few years ago I thought- "Maybe the summer always seems to go by so fast because I am not taking advantage of it." So I instituted a swimming policy (from Memorial Day to Labor Day to swim once a week.)

My friend asked me early this summer if I was doing this again. I took her question as a prompt to continue this practice. Today's Impulse to Swim at 8:30am (with the nice bonus of having the area to myself), kept me Right on Target.

#762 - Seeing a K-9 Dog Demonstration at the Farmer's Market. I am not a big pet person. However, I have a huge amount of Respect and Gratitude for Service Dogs of any sort and the Gifts they give.

#763 - As I was considering why I was so touched by a post from my friend Jill, I realized it was because I found it Validating. I have had many Spontaneous, Simple and Joyful Days Alone. Yet I haven't known many other people who take the time to do similarly, so on some level it hasn't felt validated as a worthwhile activity. I didn't even know this, or know I needed validation, until I read her post.

#764 - Then I found this Validating because I think this way too.

"We all get to pondering the coincidences in our lives. I woke up today at 11:11. What does that mean? Just as I was thinking about my friend, she called. What does that mean? In my opinion - It's the universe's way of wanting you to win. It's all of life's way of reminding you that are a great creator in this game and that your participation is necessary. Living in synchronicity with your surroundings is the ultimate suggestion that your thoughts, your speech, your beliefs, your actions, and your attitudes are what is creating THE life experience." Jason Mraz

#765 - Then just for the heck of it I went to another blog I enjoy to see if I could round this out, and presto more Validation.

"Remember the bench in the middle of a countryroad?...yesterday, it was back, in its old place:....

I really like that. You rarely see someone on it, but I like the idea of taking a break and sit with your neighbour in the middle of the road.

So, finally, I sat down there too.
In a stillness which catches you by surprise if you've just been driving, talking and taking pictures.
And time doesn't matter.
And other people don't matter.
And you don't matter.

You just sit."



  1. I feel like it's easier for me to be spontaneous in the summer. I'll need to work on this for the winter. What I loved about last Friday is that I scheduled the day off in May, thinking I'd go to Pepin. Not knowing my dad would need my help that day, or even about the beach I went to after. That feels good.

  2. :)

    You know I read about the Spirit Babies.
    I don't know if I believe much in it, but the idea... I don't know how to say that...
    It gives you that rare feeling of "You can let go, everything is fine".
    Don't know if I explain myself.

    Anyway, thank you for that.


  3. Oh and you know... when I broke off with my ex-boyfriend and started seeing JC, a good friend of mine told me I wasn't ready, that I first needed to learn to be alone.
    I wasn't ready for that then.
    It is now, almost 4 years later, that I am learning to be alone. And it is as if a new world is opening itself.