Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Tree in NYC

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#675 - In 2008 I submitted a poem that was actually accepted. I was told it would be in an issue sometime in 2010. My friend Lisa said, "2010!" (She thought it seemed so far away.) I said, "It will come fast," (and I was just happy to not have another rejection envelope, so I didn't care when they printed it.) Well, yesterday it came. It is a publication that I have never heard of (Nomad's Choir in NY). The publication is very basic, but it is sweet to start reading and see my poem jump out. And it does jump out because thanks to Laura's suggestion, the text is in the shape of a tree.

This is one of the first poems I wrote. I just realized it was about being grateful for a tree and not only did the Tree help me that day, but it Helped Me Write a Poem that would be Accepted for Publication! Seriously, have you hugged a tree? They not only provide oxygen, they can do other things, like help write poems, (or something more relevant to your own life.)

A Tree
in New York City
I press my palm against the tree,
ask her to save me from ensuing insanity;
slowly, quietly she whispers back to me. Her energy
and mine exchanging through my palm. I begin to listen.
I finally can breathe. I say to her, "Please don't leave,
you just saved me." She says, "Take me with you.
I don't belong here either - anymore."
But of course I cannot for who knows
how many more lives
will be comforted
by her
by her
by her
by her presence.


  1. ahh, nice. like the poem - and it's form!

  2. hi Tammy
    yes I like the poem too. and it's so cool that it got published! even though 2 years seem long to me too :)

    and thanks for the comments in my blog.
    The book I read from Coelho was 'the winner stands alone'. I will go on reading the others too of course :)