Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Babies that Sleep in You

#821 - Because of the Challenge Card I mentioned a few posts ago, I went to 6am Yoga

#822 - La Ciudad de los Pozos - another story in Cuentos para pensar by Jorge Bucay

#823 - 5 yr old in his swimsuit, stops at the edge of a lake and calls back -
"Mom, is this Shark Infested Waters?"

#824 - Wading in those waters, I saw my shadow and then my reflection in a bubble on the surface - A Bubble Reflecting Me and the Sky

#825 - "God Bless the Babies that Sleep in You." - Mason Jennings

That line has always touched me, and instead of ending the song with it today (while playing the guitar) I just kept repeating - G,D,Em. The Energy of Blessing kept Flowing - New Words - Riding Mason's Momentum.

Ballad for My One True Love click on Birds Flying Away and you'll see it... (if you want to listen)


  1. I love that dragon. Great picture w the sky. :)

  2. When I saw the picture, I thought your sky is just like my sky. The colour I mean.

    It's logical, it actually is the same sky of course, but still... nice to think.