Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Challenge Cards

#781 - The place where I do yoga is a locally owned business. The owner is there often, teaches classes and does creative things. For example, "Challenge Cards" where if one completes 15 of the 20 items you get 5 free yoga classes.

Some of the challenges are doing yoga at the studio. The other items though are just things that encourage you as a person. Some come really easy to me, "Take a nature walk" or "Bike/walk/run to yoga class 2x" etc.

Others I don't normally do. For example, "Mail Your Oldest Relative a Snail Mail." Well, I just picked one of the cards above and wrote my 91 year old great aunt. I wasn't sure what to say exactly. I don't know her well. Then I realized I could tell her that I've started playing music this year because of the ukulele which was laying around the house which was her brother's! Since her brother played music on the radio she would probably enjoy hearing that his granddaughter is now enjoying his instruments. So I am grateful to Mary, the owner of the studio, I never would have written this card otherwise or realized I had something meaningful to tell her.

#782 - To have all these Beautiful Cards Available - I used to make my own cards, but haven't for years. Taking photos for this blog re-inspired me.

#783 - Another item on the challenge card is "Read a Classic Novel." I love to read and so having encouragement to step into a genre where I rarely venture is exciting in itself. Then I was mentioning this to my sister-in-law and she said the only classic novels she knows of are Japanese (she is Japanese). Then I thought, "I could read a Classic Japanese Novel!" So I found one and requested it from the library and once again I am excited and never would have done this otherwise.

#784 - So I have to just give a basic thanks to Mary for Rewarding People Through Her Business, for Doing Simple Beautiful Things (like memorize poetry!)

#785 - My friend Lisa writing a Poem about her Last Nursing Session with her Child.

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  1. As one a receipient of one of your cards, I'm grateful too. Thanks for all that you do with great attentive intention.