Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bagging Groceries

#871 - NPR where I learned today it was the 90 Year Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote. Not even 100 years. What hotly debated item today, won't be even considered debatable in 100 years? My vote (besides the obvious gay marriage one) is the Rights of Nature. In 100 years people won't debate "protecting" it, because to not protect would be ridiculous - suicidal. That's obvious right? ;)

#872 - Dominique Green

#873 - Thomas Cahill for writing/telling Dominique Green's story

#874 - The Cashier who Made the Comment that Helped me Notice My Last Gratitude

#875 - The Man who Bagged My Groceries Today
- I felt cared for by the man who bagged my groceries today. This was not because there was a personal connection. He simply and genuinely cared for my groceries. I wouldn't have even noticed this, but the cashier at the next register called him a "gentleman" right as I was leaving. I started thinking about how he'd done his task: there was no hint of boredom, no hurry to go home (the store was closing in 15 minutes), there was no tiredness. Though I missed it because I was hardly paying attention, now I can feel what he put into his work, not it a blatant or hokey way, but in a subtle permeating way.

"Work is love made visible." Khalil Gibran

Today I saw this in action.

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