Monday, August 16, 2010

Hawk in the Neighborhood

#841 - This morning I awoke to the sound of crows, and a bit later a Hawk. It was then I realized why there was no singing that morning, just crows. The other birds scatter when a hawk is around. I am Grateful to Be Aware Enough of My Surroundings to Notice This. Besides being a high-five moment for paying attention to nature - this reminded me of stories I'd heard of animals fleeing to safety before the huge tsunami struck a few years ago. It's cool to pay attention.

#842 - That I think I'm going to Make it Through Two Days in a Row Without Playing Guitar (because my wrists started bothering me. I think they need a break, probably from typing too though).

#843 - Someone on my Soccer Team Organizing a Team Barbecue (even though I'll be out of town I appreciate the effort)

#844 - Feeling Peaceful about a Job I Applied for

#845 - Feeling Excited about a Festival I Read About

(The last two are written vaguely because I don't like to give details/talk much about things that may or may not happen, but I am grateful for the feelings in both, which did happen - already.)

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