Tuesday, August 10, 2010

El Buscador

#811 - El Buscador - the first story in Cuentos Para Pensar by Jorge Bucay.

#812 - My Friend Laura's Editing Skills - she was the one who suggested my tree poem be in the shape of a tree, today she helped with a cover letter.

#813 - The Point While Playing Tennis Tonight when I Finally Felt Connected to my Opponent (instead of being stuck replaying conversations in my head from my day etc.)

#814 - How Quickly a Cold Shower Cools Me Down and How Much Easier They Make it For Me to Conserve Water

#815 - I was thinking about a friend who is experiencing two things she is not used to - not knowing - and the possibility of going against society expectations - (and therefore the force to go with them). Even though these are not fun places to be, I think they are two necessary skills for any real change to occur. I'm thinking on a macro level now...if we always went with what we "knew" and if what society expected always felt right, nothing would ever change. Sometimes this is fine, but sometimes change is necessary and even vital. So being able to rest in not knowing, being comfortable with it and staying there, even when society wants to push you downstream, and pushes hard - I believe this takes immense strength, and to do it one must build up their muscles.

It's like how, in a way, it's always easier to not take full responsibility for your life. If you do what you are "supposed" to and things don't work out, you can always blame outside forces - the economy, your boss, your mother whose advise you followed, circumstances, whatever. But if you follow your heart and things don't work out, all you have to blame is yourself. That can be one of the scariest prospects in the world, because if you can't trust your own heart what can you trust? Maybe it's better to not put it to a test.

Anyway, I don't know if any of this is making sense or really related to one another, but I'm Grateful for Writing it Because it Matters to Me.

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  1. you are so right in what you say.
    maybe it's the first decision that's the hardest, after that, it's a bit easier.
    Still it's a battle, every time.
    At least, for me.