Wednesday, August 18, 2010


#851 - Seeing a Woman On a Blanket in Her Back Yard Reading, Two Houses Later A Man Doing the Same on His Front Porch

#852 - Watching a Woman Become Beautiful - She was on the bus and had that common lifeless look that people take on in public. Then the bus driver said something to her and she responded with a smile, full of life, and suddenly beautiful.

#853 - Lima Beans - I can't say I've ever bought Lima Beans, but I had some today and they were yummi

#854 - Reciting Two Bucay Stories by Heart and Having Someone to Listen to Them- I love the stories so much I want to keep them with me, inside. To have stories ready when needed. I tried telling them for the first time today without the book, and I think they came out pretty well. I'll keep practicing.

#855 - A Contract - I got an email today with a contract for one of my poems! If that weren't cool enough, it was the one poem that someone else submitted for me. A fiesty woman in my radio poetry class this spring decided my poem would be perfect, for an anthology that one of her poems had been accepted in. She actually wrote them and said they could replace her poem with mine because she thought it was a better entry and fit! Luckily they aren't replacing hers, and today I found out mine is in too. Of all my poems I believe in that one the most, so I am glad it will be shared.

I bet when the book actually comes out that will be a gratitude too, so I'll let you know ;)

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  1. wow for nr 855. That she actually proposed to have your poem instead of hers, that's really something special to do.

    btw, I finished 'The Zahir'. Maybe the one with most impact for me until now.

    I've said before that I have postponed reading Coelho for a long time.
    Now I think that it's good, I would not have been open for his messages before.
    While now... with every book I read, I know this is just the inspiration, the stimulation, the guide I need right now.