Monday, December 13, 2010

Hasidic Jewish Reggae Singer

#1436 - A couple of people I occasionally encounter annoy me. At some point today this inner conversation shifted and I thought, "I am Willing to See Them Differently."

#1437 - My father went into work Sat AM to meet some contractors. He knew he might get stuck there since we had a blizzard.

He called my brother Sunday, a bit before noon, to come help dig a path for his car to the road. When I told my friend he was still at work, 32 hours later, she said, "He is going to be crabby."

When I saw him though he wasn't, tired yes, crabby no.

He said he had been prepared. He changed the oil in his car (which he could pull inside the building), he shampooed something (rugs?) and said being in a warm building is a lot better than being stuck in the snow. I still have no idea where he slept (if he did), all I know is that most people would make a big deal out of this. He doesn't however, so unless I really think about it, which I did today, I don't even notice how amazing of an attitude he can have.

I used to easily find so many faults in my father (and still do at times), yet I'm grateful that I do that less and less and see the amazing parts more and more.

#1438 - "I should say that you are not only the foremost Hasidic Jewish Reggae Singer, to my knowledge the only Hasidic Jewish Reggae Singer, or is there a whole school now that has developed?" Robert Siegal

"Pretty much I'm the only one." Matisyahu

NPR interview

#1439 - Matisyahu's song Miracle - which starts at 5:42 in the interview

#1440 - My friend's parents just returned from Hawaii. I was so grateful to hear about a tour guide that discussed what seems to be left out in the Hawaiian utopia dream: what was originally done to the Hawaiians (similar to what was done to Native Americans), how there are few Natives left, that all the sugar plantations are being paved over because "development" is more profitable, and that they used to be self-sufficient and now are completely dependent on tourism. Yeah Tour Guide Woman who is Brave Enough to Tell Another Story!

Bonus Gratitude - Jill's Post

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