Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Soul Felt its Worth

#1446 - Hearing Christmas Songs Anew since I'm playing them on guitar for the first time. Today I realized the Drummer Boy is a sweet song. He has no gifts, except that he can make music, and that is the gift he offers the baby.

I also am really enjoying O Holy Night - especially this line "Till He appeared and the Soul Felt its Worth"

#1447 - When I was listening to this Shanti (peace) chant today I started picturing the countries in North Africa and sending that energy to them (because for the first time in my mind's eye I could see them and name them.)

#1448 - I've always enjoyed the owner of where I take yoga classes. Tonight her daughter was teaching the class. I had never met the daughter before, though I read her bio and knew she also taught pre-natal yoga. I discovered she is a doula as well and that she works as a birth attendant at one of the birth centers that just opened in the Twin Cities in the past year. I enjoyed talking to her about this.

#1449 - In part of this discussion, her mother mentioned how people can be unsure about energy work, but if you offer them a pill they have no hesitation in taking it. Since energy work doesn't have any side affects why is it more scary than a pill that often does?

#1450 - Feeling Fully Surrendered and Safe in Savasana and wishing everyone would experience that feeling

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