Thursday, December 23, 2010


#1486 - New Yoga pose - kneeling/sitting on ankles, lifting knees in the air and placing hands on knees.

#1487 -
A friend sent a website where I could record myself singing and email it to him (new to me). His response to my simple song was very supportive and he asked for the words because he wants to do his own version and send it back. FUN.

#1488 - Recording myself sing, which I haven't done sing I was a kid. I used to do that all the time. Listening today, I think I sound hesitant. I'm grateful for this awareness.

#1489 - Developing an appreciation for how hard it is to record something to sound perfect, or even decent! I don't usually pay attention to my mistakes on guitar/singing because they only last a second, but on a recording they last forever.

#1490 - Writing an email to someone who needs it.
I am horrible at small talk, but if something is important I often have what feels like the right words. Hopefully that was the case today.