Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hockey and Yoga

#1406 - Yoga class usually has a majority (sometimes all) women. Today there were at least a handful of men, the one right behind me - enjoyably attractive. He was new and there with friends. He was not a typical yoga person (whatever that means). However, he was clearly athletic. The teacher suggested we try handstands, which is rare. Some people skipped it, this guy hopped right up. I took the wall space next to him, and took a few tries to get up. I was kicking up as if I were doing an actual handstand so I kept coming down again. The man told me "kick harder against the wall," which was obvious, but I still enjoyed that he spoke to me :). When we left he put on a hockey sweatshirt, that fit him. A Hockey Guy willing to try Yoga. Yeah!

#1408 - There seems to be some sort of Universal Conspiracy to keep me doing Yoga.

It began when I asked for a Kathy Smith Yoga Video for Christmas at 21. I don't know that I had any idea of what yoga was, I just had a few other Kathy Smith videos that I used/liked.

Since then I could make a long story of when and how yoga has manifested. I was blessed many times to live in places where I practiced in classes for free, or just on my own. In 2006 I paid for yoga for the first time. Every time I've considered taking a break from buying classes, something happens that keeps me going. This also could be a long story so I'll just mention the last year. I did not pay for yoga at all this year because my generous father bought me yoga gift certificates both for Christmas and my birthday. Now when I'm almost out, the owner of the yoga studio asked me if I would be interested in an exchange. If I clean the studio twice a month, I can take all the Yoga Classes I want. I saw the list of what I'd do today, and I think I'm in.

There seems to be some sort of universal conspiracy to keep me doing yoga.

#1408 - You know how sometimes, hopefully, you've laid on your back, looked at the stars, and realized how small we are? Well, Jason Mraz posted a link that gives a similar view. So if you need a little perspective today. Click here. (You move the bar, I didn't get that initially.)
#1409 - I've been trying to figure out how to turn the following into a gratitude, and I'm grateful to have figured it out.

#1410 - Sometimes an outside perspective can simplify things and I'm grateful for that perspective here. There was an article in a Belgian Newspaper that one of the blogs I read commented on. She translated this section which is information that I want to spread.

1. On America.

- The richest percent of the Americans acquires 24% of all personal revenues (in 1979 it was 9%).
- The inequity in revenues in America is bigger than in Colombia, Russia or Mali.
- In 1980 American CEO's had an income 42 times superior to their average employees. Now it's 531 times.
- Between 1980 and 2005, more than 80% of all income raises went to the richest percent of the population.

The highest earners need to keep their tax cuts huh?

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  1. I like the 'conspiracy' thing. Usually the word is used in a negative way, when you are prevented from doing something.
    It's refreshing to see it in a positive way.
    It's all in perception, isn't it?