Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Longest Night

#1476 - Honoring the Winter Solstice with Elizabeth Harper, all from the ease and comfort of my home. (It was something that you could listen to on-line or dial a phone number.)

#1477 - Almost forgetting to dial the number and listen, but then seeing the paper where I'd written it down, five minutes before it started.

#1478 - Having the time to just listen for an hour in my home without competing demands

#1479 - The Meditation Elizabeth Harper led - I love listening to her meditations. In part of it we received a gift from the person we visualized standing to our left. My gift was a RED PEN, the idea being I could rewrite with it.

- I picked up a movie recommended to me recently. I looked at it today and it is rated PG. A PG movie intended for adults, refreshing.

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