Friday, June 17, 2011

Not in Top 1000

  • Wearing a dress in public that I thought I would never wear in public (not because it is revealing, but rather it reminds me of a dress from Alice in Wonderland, a bit silly.)
  • I just looked and the name my brother and sister-in-law picked for their baby has not been in the top 1000 in the U.S in the last ten years! I don't quite connect the name to her yet, she's still Piko-chan (her in utero nickname).
  • That there are libraries almost everywhere. You can make wherever you need to go, or in my case today need to drop someone off, near a library.
  • Seeing someone who reminded me of a friend of mine (from the back), simple warmth.
  • We have "yoga challenge cards" at the studio where I go. The owner puts them together and about 1/2 have to do with yoga and the other half are just cool things. One of them on the current card is to save your #5 plastics (yogurt containers etc) and drop them off at the appropriate place (like Whole Foods). This is part of an email I received today (I get staff emails since I clean there).

"A student told me she really had an “AHA!” moment when she started saving her clamshells—she realized how many she was tossing in the landfill. Two places I know take them are Whole Foods and Eastside Coop (special hours). Wonderful. We just HAVE to cut down on the single use plastics!!"


  1. Tammy! They had the baby? What name did they decide on? When was she born?

  2. congratulations on becoming an aunt!
    when my niece Roos was first born, I didn't like it much, it seemed to short and hard to me. But now I think it has the sweetst sound on earth and I couldn't imagine her with any other name. Pretty sure this will happen to you too :)