Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lovin' the Mud

(My favorite part of a project I helped my Dad with yesterday.)

#2406 - The quiche and black eyed pea salad I had for lunch at a friend's.

#2407 - My friend's child being captivated by opening and closing the front door for a long time. (Which reminded me of being so bored at Menard's as a kid, then having fun playing in all the doors.)

#2408 - I initiated a search for flowers. Instead of noticing the bright orange ones 12 feet away, this two year old pointed out the one I'd overlooked - the clover - at our feet.

#2409 - When I told this almost two year old it was snack time, he requested blueberries :).

#2510 - The amazing lack of annoying small talk on my soccer team. I've played with them almost two years now, they still know extremely little about me. But there are other ways of knowing people besides a list of facts. I thought about this today because one of them asked if I had any plans for the summer. I realized I don't often have to answer questions at soccer, and when I do, they are sincere.

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