Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunscreen continued

#2531 - Recently a woman I took a writing class a few years ago with started sending out weekly writing prompts. This week's involved, "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen" (see my previous post). Isn't that a little weird? I think I'm supposed to write this one.

#2532 - It is often difficult to talk about death, even though everybody dies. I wanted to talk to my father about who he wants handling his finances and tell him that if it is me, I do not feel prepared for the job (have the info). Anyway, I prayed that I could find a gentle supported way to bring this up, and it happened.

#2533 - The card I made for my cousin's friend's birthday (while she was making one too.) It was actually a bit humorous.

#2534 - Giving a gift that I have been putting together for at least ten years (my cousin's graduation present).

#2535 - Finding something genuine to talk about briefly (running) with a relative I've never had luck conversing with before.

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  1. Those are beautiful things to say Tammy. I love the way you stand in live, the way you chose to look at it and act.