Wednesday, June 8, 2011


#2521 - Getting up early and baking rhubarb muffins (motivated by the fact they were in part a gift.)

#2522 - This was the first time I've used the rhubarb in the back yard.

#2523 - The muffins actually tasted really good despite containing only 1/3 c. honey (with the 3 c. rhubarb). One of the reasons I hadn't made anything with the rhubarb being I thought I'd have to douse it in sugar.

#2524 - Remember that song that was a spoken word advice essay with music in the background "Wear Sunscreen?... If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it...."

In the current issue of Consumer Reports they have ratings of sunscreens, and I wondered if they would follow this advice unequivocally. I am grateful to have found this -

"Almost every tested sunscreen contains some ingredients associated with adverse health effects in animal studies....Retinyl palmitate (look for it among inactive ingredients), a type of topical vitamin A, is an antioxidant that animal studies have linked to an increased risk of skin cancers."

Ha! The irony of humans! (I'm grateful this is at least being mentioned.)

#2525 - Plow - I went into this yoga move/stretch today for some reason. Usually I can't get my feet to the floor (over my head laying on my back). Once in a while I can, but if I do it is never really comfortable. Anyway, today I felt the impulse to try it and not only did my feet touch but it felt really good!

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