Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This photo which turned out so well, and is my desktop background of the moment.

Being given these strawberries (in fact twice what is photographed).

Adding blueberries and cut-up strawberries to full-fat yogurt. Then (this is key), letting the flavors mingle for a while. Yummi!

Sampling a strawberry basil popsicle.

I'm trying to get a 5th one about strawberries, but it just isn't happening...I was pretty concerned about the birch tree outside my bedroom window this spring. It lost a big limb (sometime in the last year I forget) and when spring arrived it was almost gushing from the wound. It just kept dripping and then there was all this oozing all along the trunk. It just didn't look good.

Today I was startled when a branch fell from the tree, a dead one - no leaves. I looked at the rest of the tree full of green health and remembered my concern (that I'd forgotten) because it is no longer there.

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