Thursday, June 23, 2011


#2291 - Trying to explain "retreats" to my Japanese sister-in-law. "What are they? Are they common?" she asked. They seemed common to her based on things I'd said about my friends. I tried to think of a correlation... I explained that a fair number of my friends do not have televisions in their main living room, but that doesn't mean this is typical in the U.S. Similarly a fair number of my friends might go or have gone on a retreat, but I don't think most Americans do.

It was cute and challenging to explain this term.

#2292 - Finishing reading the Lorax (helping someone practice her English with an excellent book).

#2293 - Ok, I am stuck after my first two gratitudes today - How about the weather? I am grateful that in general I am content with the weather and that today is a cool day, which many people would complain about, and I like it.

#2294 - How about - I was upset about something on Tuesday. I went over to a friend's house, laid on his couch and started crying. Two days later, the strongest part of my memory is not what I was upset about, but how sweetly my friend rubbed my shoulder and let me cry.

#2295 - I cannot find the cord that I use to attach the camera to the computer - hence I have not put photos on here a while. Maybe instead of getting frustrated again with not posting a photo, I could just take it as a "photo-free adventure"?

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