Monday, June 20, 2011

There Might Be A Message

Three musicians I discovered today while listening to Womenfolk. I listened to the last two songs at least five times each.

#2276 - Vanessa Lively
#2277 - Raina Rose "If You're Gonna Go"
#2278 - Amy Speace "Drive All Night"

#2279 - After my last big concert (which was Jason Mraz), I decided, "I am done with big concerts." They cost more and I enjoy them less!

However I find it a challenge to know about/find people I like playing in smaller venues. I just looked up the three musicians today and one is coming soon - $8. I put it on my calendar, maybe I'll go, maybe I won't...

#2280 - Someone called asking for my mother, which means she is around (even though she isn't). I need to pay attention. There might be a message :)


  1. Hi Tammy,
    this has nothing to do with your post or even your blog.

    I just wondered;
    here in Europe, things are getting hot. Of course, it depends on where you are: in places like greece it's obvious, in France everything is still calm but people say out loud their frustrations and radio (and tv I suppose) report about it, while in Belgium things still seem fine, we still are made believe everything is fine, but under the surface there's a tension growing stronger and stronger...
    It may still take some time, but it feels as if sooner or later something will explode, like pression getting higher and higher, anger building up, and you can only wait to see what will happen.
    (of course, the richer classes don't notice anything or think they are safe and above it.)

    Now I wonder, is there any reflection of that in the US?
    I mean, it started with the Arab Spring which is still going on, and is now spreading from the South of Europe to us.
    Is any of this frustration, anger, disappointment also present in the US or are you not affected by this?
    And how do they report about this in the US?


  2. Hahah you made me laugh.
    Roos is Dutch for rose, both the flower and the name. It's also more or less pronounced like rose, but with a hard 's'. So no Kanga-roos :)))

  3. Hihi I read your answer on my question.
    I didn't mean "hot" literally, but about the political, sociological and economical situation in Europe.
    I guess there's not much talk about it in the US, never mind :)