Wednesday, September 22, 2010

12 Hours of Sun

#1026 - Fall Equinox 2010 - Minneapolis, MN
Sunrise: 0700
Sunset: 1911

#1027 - The Woman who Reached out and Touched a Decorative Pumpkin as she Walked By (it had interesting texture)

#1028 - Ingrid Betancourt being on Oprah - (and the fact that I knew about it beforehand). I read Betancourt's book Until Death do Us Part : My Struggle to Reclaim Colombia right around the time she was kidnapped by FARC and held hostage for 6 years. To say she is a brave woman is an understatement.

#1029 - I've been listening to K'Naan's Troubadour CD. (I highly recommend it). Today I looked up the Chords for Wavin' Flag and Played Along. (I don't usually play with music so at first I was a little flustered that I had to follow someone else's pace, but fun).

#1030 - Glancing at my hand in a Mirror and thinking it looked Beautiful

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