Tuesday, September 14, 2010


#986 - Finding People of Equal Ability to Play Doubles Tennis With - A Friend, My Brother and Sister-in-Law

#987 - That once you have the racket (mine I've had 18+ yrs) and $3 tennis balls, Tennis is Free. There are courts less than a mile away, and tonight when it got dark I could turn on lights with a switch - no quarters required!

#988 - Wanting to bring up replacing the tree my Dad had cut down in his front yard, (I think it looks pretty sad/sparse right now), but knowing he had to be in a good mood. I said a prayer that I could bring it up naturally. Then forgot about it (always required). Something triggered me Bringing it up Without Trying.

#989 - He Says to Make a List of Suggested Trees and He'll Look at It

#990 - That I've learned enough to know my only requirement - the tree be Native to MN

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