Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Tammy

#1046 - My Soccer Team Played As A Team Today and I realized - We've been Playing Together for One Year Now Exactly

#1047 - As I was leaving soccer I walked past a referee for one of the following games. I said, "Hello."

He said, "Hello, Tammy. How are you?"

If I've spoken to him (I don't recall speaking to him) it would at the most be a coin toss at the beginning of a game. I've never told him my name, so the only way he would know it would be from hearing teammates call it. I was touched he had remembered.

#1048 - Laura Finding Bugs Flying in Sunlight Beautiful

#1049 - Seeing someone I worked with 6 years ago (and haven't seen since) in the co-op. I almost moved on, she hadn't seen me and I don't like small talk. I Didn't Though I Turned Around, Tapped Her Back and Gave Her a Hug.

#1050 - Finding/Searching for Meaning in Small Things - I do this all the time. In a fun way. In a life is a mystery way. Inquisitively thinking. "What Does it Mean that Woman Crossed My Path Today?" What comes to mind is that she is a a "real" artist. She was attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) when I knew her. The first thing I told her was that I did my first acrylic painting recently. (I will post a photo of this at some point.) The second thing that comes to mind is the work we were doing - political work. So she represent arts and political engagement.

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