Friday, September 10, 2010

Purer and Purer Streams

#961 - A Friend Being Creative
#962 - The quote on the other side of this card - "It is Only by Expressing all that is Inside that Purer and Purer Streams Come." Brenda Ueland. This is so true. I look back on some older journals now and just think - yuck. What a bunch of crappy, exhausting, emotional angst. It needed to come out though - to make room - for things like this.

#963 - Planks - an exercise that I nearly always do with music. I pick two songs that will add up to 5-6 minutes. I use them as motivation, and as my timer. Today I programmed two songs off Jason Mraz's live album and I saw it added up to 10 minutes. Well, this was too long, but I just started and figured I'd stop early.

If you said to me, "Let's try to up the minutes on your planks." I'd say, "No thanks" (or "no way!") but with Mr. Mraz's positive energy, I actually got so into it I made 10 Minutes without even trying. (Well I was definitely sweating, but not "trying" to reach 10 minutes. It just happened.) Jill has been writing/thinking about goals lately, and these are my favorite kinds. The Ones I Exceed Without Even Setting.

#964 - Fresh Raspberries from the Garden in my Honey Nut Oats Breakfast Cereal

#965 - Elizabeth Harper's Power Meditation

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