Friday, September 24, 2010

Twister Discovery

#1036 - Twister - I always thought the picture of people tangled up on the cover of the board game was a lie. It never happened that way when I played. Today I played for the first time apparently actually following the rules and we looked like the cover. Now this game is actually fun thanks to Holly and Ashley.

#1037 - The Harvest Moon- rising at the high school football game and at least 3 other strangers I heard Commenting on its Beauty.

#1038 - Playing the Clarinet with Ashley - new instrument fun

#1039 - Watching Krystal Dance at Football

#1040 - At 10:30pm it is Quiet at my Cousin's House. (This has never happened at this hour.) Holly is asking me about my gratitudes. I read her the last ones and she was interested in Ingrid Betancourt and is asking me great questions about lots of topics.

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