Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Is/What Could Be

#961 - I thought I lost my friend's Capo for her guitar. Well, I did lose it, but today I Got it Back.

#962 -
If you are not familiar with the mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker - well I rarely say this but - you're missing out. A couple ways to familiarize yourself include StreetFight a great documentary about his run for office, or the article about him in the Sept issue of Oprah's magazine.
Anyway, I felt Inspired to Write Him a Card Thanking Him for Who He Is and What He Gives.

#963 - Anais Mitchell - an artist I discovered last weekend. This moment her song Flowers.

#964 - My friend sent me a song to listen to, I'm grateful for what it evoked me to write in reply. Here is a section -

I've just started thinking for the first time recently maybe I won't have a child (I know you've heard me start putting "if" on that one) and then now "maybe I'll always be single." What if...I'm always single? For the first time in my life I can ask that question. It doesn't scare me. I'm not resistant to it, I don't want to push it away. Now I can simply ask it as, "What if...?" Hmm, what would that look like, how would that feel? Right now I'd say it feels pretty good, it feels pretty blessed.

#965 - Knowing that Accepting/Opening to What Is Also Opens Me To All that Could Be

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