Monday, November 15, 2010

About to Blame

#1296 - Playing If I Had a Hammer on Guitar - It is fast and therefore challenging, but fun.
#1297 - I am volunteering for the Brothers Frantzich concert I am excited about. I was asked to submit a notice/short article to my local paper. I had no idea how or what. I Just Submitted this, though I think it was just to the on-line paper, still it was a small step into the world of publicity.

"Bring your family together to the Pantages Theater this Thanksgiving weekend to feed your souls. The Brothers Timothy and Paul Frantzich (fran-zik) are singer-songwriters who sing for peace with a passion for socially conscious missions. They blend fresh takes on old hymns with heart-opening originals. Each ticket also delivers 25 MEALS to the children of Sopudep School in Pentionville, Haiti."

#1298 - I don't know much about the music industry, but I have wondered about what Paul Frantzich said in this video. My favorite part "the record industry is built on the backs of people who are risking and bringing art to the world. Create. That's all you really want to see, on youtube that's why it is doing so well. You want to see creativity and you want to see risk. And where does that art come from? A divine place. A window opens up when an artist writes a song and some beautiful wind from heaven comes floating through. I don't care if you are Rage Against the Machine or Dolly Parton."

#1299 - "About to Blame? Stop. About to Judge? Stop. About to Criticize? Stop. Take a Deep Breath, and just be Willing to See things Differently." Marianne Williamson

#1300 - How that Quote Made me Breathe

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