Monday, November 1, 2010

Emily's Gratitudes

An Email from My Friend Emily, After She Didn't Show Up for Yoga

Parents - Emily and Jeff
3 yr old twins - Lauren and Amanda

"I was really looking forward to class and getting to see you so even though I had a rotten night here are my 4 gratitudes plus one from Lauren.

(The back story is that I took Lauren to the doctor last night and she threw up in the car.)

1. Lauren has fluid in her ear causing her some discomfort (and car sickness) but it is NOT infected. (Apparently kids who get ear infections get them all the time and that would not be fun.)

2. Walgreens sells zip up hooded sweatshirts right inside their front door for $8 each when I needed an emergency change of clothes for Lauren.

3. I was able to drop Amanda off at home before taking Lauren to the doctor’s office which meant that Lauren got to sit in Amanda’s CLEAN car seat after she threw up into hers.

4. From Lauren, in the waiting room: “Thank you Mom, I love my new sweatshirt”. This sweet girl is wearing an adult-sized sweatshirt that hangs down to her ankles, with just her shoes and socks. She was truly grateful to be out of the jacket, shirt, and pants that she’d thrown up on.

5. Back at home, while I gave Lauren a bath…Jeff cleaned up the throw up."

I have been studying gratitude daily for eight months. One of the things I've learned is that gratefulness doesn't necessarily have anything to do with things going "right." Emily illustrated this perfectly. She was looking forward to meeting me at a Yoga class and didn't miss it for anything fun, but she still pulled 5 gratitudes out if it. (This seriously made my day Friday.)

Today I am happy to report she gave me permission to share them. So now I have the fun opportunity to Publish Someone Else's Writing!

I'm also grateful for the Mother who Shines through these words.

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