Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spiraling Generosity

I watched Food Beware - The French Organic Revolution today. It was about a village in France where the Mayor decided to switch to Organic in the school lunches. It's not something I would necessarily recommend, however, I was still able to pull a few gratitudes out of it.

#1306 - It stated that in Europe 70% of cancer is linked to environment, 30% to pollution, and 40% to food (doesn't equal 100% because cancer can have multiple links). I was so grateful that they highlighted the fact that research funds mostly go to cure and treatment of cancer, ignoring prevention.

#1307 - To be reminded that buying organic Puts a Farmer's Health First

- The mayor of Barjac, France speaking about not blaming farmers, but providing them another way.

#1309 -
I have Deva Premal's Mantras for Precarious Times CD from the library. It has a bunch of chants on it and the suggestion to pick one and do it daily for 21 days. I've had the CD for a couple weeks and haven't done that. But I did chant yesterday and today for ten minutes and it felt really good. (Chanting is just repeating something melodically over and over. I think of it as an easier, and for me more enjoyable, form of meditation. It gives your mind a task, "Focus on this." So that it will quiet down.)

#1310 - Spiraling Generosity (well a spiral might not be the best descriptor but). I was offered a free ticket to the Brothers Frantzich concert because I am volunteering (Generosity to Me);I refused because if there is anyone's work I want to support it is theirs (Me Generous); then a friend also going to the concert paid for my ticket because I've helped with her baby (Generosity to Me); then another friend going to the concert is starting a hospice choir and sent an email asking for donations, she owes me for her ticket but I told her to keep the money as my donation (Me Generous) far can this progression go....????

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  1. A couple of years ago, I spent my holidays in the South of France, you know between the vineyards. We watched the farmer leave in the morning on his little tractor, to spray I don't know which product on the grapes and saw him come back in the evening, as blue as a smurf (the colour of the thing he sprayed)... they're in that stuff all day long... can't be good.