Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing as a Team

#1326 - We have at least three pieces of crap peelers. About a year ago we added a fancy/nicer one. I broke it almost immediately. So usually it is not a pleasure to peel. But today it was - Please Meet My New Peeler

#1327 -
About 1/2 hour before it was time to leave for my soccer game I was checking on the internet and becoming really agitated because of the icy roads. Missing one week isn't a big deal, but for various reasons I haven't played my Sunday game in four weeks, and next week there isn't one because of Thanksgiving. Anyway, it looked like I shouldn't go. I was not able to accept this (I felt agitated) and I debated for the next half hour. Finally when it was time to leave I prayed, "Please help me to let this go."

Then I found out that it had warmed enough to not be so icy. And I went and got to play two games because the team following ours was short women.

#1328 - It was just myself between the goalie and a man with a break-away charging at me. Despite the fact that his soccer cleat (which isn't sharp but still) landed directly on top of mine, I Blocked the Breakaway, and besides a bruise my foot is alright.

#1329 - My Sunday Soccer Team - I started playing soccer again a few years ago after not playing for over ten years. I signed up as an individual and they put me on a team. I've probably played on at least 10 different teams since then. They have all been positive experiences, but it is tiring meeting 10 new people every few months, learning names, and more importantly how to play together.

Finally last Fall's team decided to continue playing together. I'm so grateful for this because they are my favorite team. I like them as individuals. If anyone gets angry (which is rare) they only get angry at themselves. Most importantly I feel comfortable being me. They are my favorite despite the fact that the first year we lost almost all of our games. This session we are doing much better suddenly, and today was evidence of this in the simple way We Played as a Team.

#1330 - "You're Definitely Correct, You're an Interesting Person, and any Guy with Half a Brain will Notice That."

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