Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey Kids

#1266 - Man in music shop who got excited about a banjo, then said that's the last thing his wife wants to see - him come home with another banjo...

"How many do you have?" I asked.

"In the teens and I play all of them," (and he's been at it over 20 years.)
I admire people who keep their passions alive.

#1267 - Getting an Email from Someone I Rarely Hear From. She Had Recently Written Her Life Philosophy.
She sent a few of the quotes and a brief update on her life.

#1268 - "Hey Kids, Don't Try this at Home" - words spoken by an elementary age kid before he flipped/dove over a piece of playground equipment

#1269 - Cleaning up the Kitchen for a Friend so She Could Relax When She Got Home

#1270 - My Sister-in-Law Babysitting with me so it was Easy to Clean-up

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