Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brothers Frantzich Overflow

Arriving here exactly when Tim Frantzich was unloading so I could get in to help (divine timing), seeing the whole pre-show (which gave me a better idea how much work goes into something that to an audience looks like all fun), and them picking me up a yummi dinner.

Paul Frantzich's Hug/Kiss when he saw me. It was Deliberate, Genuine, and Solid.

Realizing How Important the Audience is - This might sound obvious, but when Tim and Paul were running through the rehearsal it just wasn't the same. I could feel how much an audience gives to a performance. We might think we are doing nothing, because we are just sitting there, but actually we are saying, "I am here with you right now. I am giving you my undivided attention." This has the power to change everything

Robert Bly reciting two poems with Tim and Paul - how the three of them together take you into a deep place and give poetry a good name.

The space that emerged after "Fly Like an Eagle," a pause before the applause began.

The guy who started the dancing during We Are Family and my lack of hesitation to join in.

Coming home to an empty house so I could:
a. not turn on any lights
b. put the Brothers Frantzich CD on loud
c. play guitar with the one song I know, and to my surprise, belt out singing

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