Monday, November 29, 2010

What Holds Us Together

#1366 - It seems like there are constantly new things to keep me interested in playing guitar, and they just come without my looking for them.

#1367 - I figured out almost 1/2 of the songs on this CD so I can play along

#1368 - Unsure I'd get any exercise today - then Iended up Jogging around Lake of The Isles while my aunt shopped at the co-op

#1369 - "I've got some interesting shoe experiences" my aunt

#1370 - Reading the following in Elizabeth Harper's Newsletter. I'm not surprised by this, but it is a good reminder,

"Years ago I was in a class where we made breast plates. We used Plaster of Paris to mold the breastplates to the contours of our bodies. It was an all female class and as part of the curriculum we sat in a circle and shared how we felt about our physical selves. I was privileged to be in the presence of Goddesses who felt safe enough to bare their souls.

It became apparent that the most beautiful women in the group with the best looking bodies were the ones with the most hang ups. I was surprised! There I was thinking that slim svelte women with perfect complexions and not a dimple in sight would be hard pressed to find something to hate about themselves. I was wrong."

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