Friday, November 19, 2010

Advent Idea

#1316 - I fell getting on the bus today, the circumstances of which are not interesting enough to relate. However I am grateful for my Strong Bones that Hold Together

#1317 - Once my shin no longer throbbed I started to think about how embarrassing that situation was, well that is one interpretation. Another is to Imagine Myself Leaping onto the Bus like Spiderman or Batman and because of the sheer velocity of my entrance onto the scene - of course I didn't land on two feet.

#1318 - I am having a wonderful postal mail correspondence with a friend right now. I received a letter tonight and would like to pour myself into the response, but there is so much there. I need to 'download' it first it seems. Give a little space to it because otherwise it will become blocked, there is no way I can write it out fast enough. I am Grateful for the Enthusiasm I Feel to Write this Letter.

#1319 - My friend Jill recently sent an email with a suggestion that excited me. As a child Jill used to really enjoy those advent calendars where you open a door a day. She wanted to create something like that this year, only we'd create our own and exchange them. I enjoyed making mine so much I thought, "Maybe I should make a copy to keep." Then tonight I thought I could send these to other friends too, they might like it.

#1320 - So I'm typing an email asking who wants one and then I Will Share This Idea Inspired by Jill

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  1. :) you know, I'm seeing my italian friends again on 26/12 so I had been thinking exactly this, to make my own advent calender and send it to them (well him, mainly), so they can count down to (the day after) Christmas.

    But I have some practical difficulties...
    Still I love the idea and I'm not surprised really to read that you are doing it :)