Thursday, November 25, 2010


#1346 - Going to Yoga Class this Morning so I was More Pleasant Appreciative of My Family Today

#1347 - When someone asked the owner, where I take Yoga, about her recent trip to Africa, I added, "Where in Africa did you go?"

She said, "Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya," and I could Picture Exactly Where They Were Located Because I Have Been Working on This.

#1348 - When the turkey was taking longer than expected my aunt started standing at the oven expectantly. I distracted her with my favorite waiting activity, Playing the Guitar/Singing. It Worked.

#1349 - Neither my Father or Brother are into Football - which is apparently a big part of Thanksgiving for many people, but has never been for us.

#1350 - However my brother did recently purchase a Nintendo 64, which I guess is old, but not as old as the Nintendo I played with as a kid. As a gift to him of sorts, I played a bit with him today. I know my enthusiasm was lacking but I at least tried.

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  1. Singing rocks as the best waiting activity! Love it!