Friday, May 27, 2011

Bonnie Singman

#2361 - These beautiful books from one of my favorite poets - Bonnie Singman arrived.

(My all-time favorite poet is Rumi. One day my friend called me and read a poem. Then he said, "Who is it?"

I guessed, "Rumi."

He said, "No, it's Bonnie." Bonnie also happens to be our friend.)

#2362 - I shared my excitement, and a couple of the poems, with my sister-in-law and her mother.

#2363 - Yesterday I had the impulse that two friends of mine could have lunch. They don't know each other. I have no idea why I had this impulse, but that is not for me to determine. My job is to be open and share it, even if they thought it silly and rejected the idea. I was happy to find out they were open to it. Then today I discovered not only that but they have taken steps to schedule a time. It gives me great joy that they are willing to follow-through on my impulse!

#2364 - I'm not feeling that well today, so I'm glad I don''t have much planned this weekend and can be flexible with what I do (like the day I clean the yoga studio for example.)

#2365 - If anyone found the heading to my last post confusing, it was because I wondered what happened to my only (to my knowledge) person I don't know who reads this. She also has a blog, I often found inspiring, touching and authentic, which disappeared as did her profile. But she answered my "Stephanie???" inquiry with a comment, so she hasn't totally disappeared.

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