Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soccer Safe

#2301 - The field being soft where I play soccer. I fell, must of been backwards and hit my head. It felt like it shook my brain a little and I thought, "if that had been cement that would have been a problem."

#2302 - My abs, which protected my organs
when a soccer ball was kicked directly into them.

#2303 - Not being injured by a slide tackle.
(Which is illegal in the rec league I play on).

#2304 - After these three things all happened within 20 minutes I wondered if I should quit. I had already played my soccer game and was just subbing for the team who played after us and was short women. If I had ended up getting hurt I would have blamed myself for not listening to these warning signs. However, I left the game injury free.

#2305 -
I wrote a song yesterday. I think it is my most vulnerable/personal. Which if one looked at the lyrics I don't think would be obvious or make sense, but I feel it. I think it was the Martha Beck column in Oprah magazine I read recently...I wish I could remember her wording, but she was asking people to look at gifts in their lives and see how they might have originated from a hardship of some sort. There were examples of people tracking gifts backwards. If I had something "else" to do, a hopping social life for example, yesterday's song would not have come out.

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