Monday, May 9, 2011


#2271 - I have never had a new computer before so I'm not familiar with how everything gets started. Today I got the printer installed, disabled the security system that came with it(which figuring out making me crabby, but I did it), put in a different security software, ran a full scan, figured out the basic functions (I think) and put one of my pictures on the desktop (this was my crowning touch). I do not enjoy figuring things out on a computer. However sometimes it is nice to do things I don't have a natural affinity to and learn something in the process.

#2272 - Having a job that requires this. I always think things in my life happen for more than one reason or bigger reasons. So I really don't think this computer is about my part-time job at all, I think I'm "supposed to" have a computer (not on loan or a back-up for parts for a family member) for whatever reason, and this is one of the ways it would happen.

#2273 - I watched the eagle nest video online, which I haven't watched since the first time when they were in eggs, and I didn't wait at all for the video to load.

#2274 - While I was getting cranky about figuring out computer things, the owner of the Yoga Studio where I clean called about going out to eat today. I guess she has the staff meet once a year in groups of 4-5. I've actually thought for a few years about getting together for a meal with her. I wanted to hear the story of how she started that studio.

#2275 - During the meal she went over a bunch of staff stuff (not really applicable to me, but still informative) she also briefly told about how the studio started. Afterwards I explained I had wanted to have a meal with her for a couple years and hear the story of how the studio got started. She said, "I wasn't planning on talking about that. It just came out." :)

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