Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Cove

#2331 - A little over ten years ago I was on vacation with my family in a place where you could "swim with the dolphins." As a child I had been fascinated by dolphins, so when my Dad offered us a chance, he probably did not expect my, "No."

It was a hard no to be. I felt isolated by it. I could not explain it, or even begin a dialogue to help me figure it out for myself. I just knew it was strong. And I knew no one around me seemed to feel similarly.

Ten plus years later, I watched The Cove and that isolation, turned into connection and a peace with that voice inside.

#2232 - My brother did swim with the dolphins, and he is also is the reason I watched The Cove tonight.

#2233 - All the people who were brave and devoted enough to make this film in the first place.

#2234 - It's interesting how often it's the people who have dramatic turnarounds that have the passion to push for change. In this case, Richard O'Barry trained the dolphins that played Flipper, now lives and works with a different perspective.

#2235 -

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