Tuesday, May 24, 2011


#2346 - In the Viewpoint/Business section of the May 22nd Star Tribune there is a short article called, "When Commutes Matter." It says that a survey of Coldwell Banker Real Estate agents has found that gas prices have influenced 75% of their client's decisions as to where to live.

#2347 - It also said Edina Realty has a "walk score" on its listings saying how easy it is to walk places!

#2348 - Which brings me to a gratitude from Saturday that got cut, but is in direct relation to this and I'm still grateful for it today.

Someone commented about how gas was down to $3 something.

"I wish it would go up to $4 and stay there." -my friend Liz

(and to top it off she was brave enough to say I could use her name with that quote)

#2349 - "I just don't think my life would be enhanced by another plastic bag." (Thought I observed in my head as I tried to find an appropriate bag to take and reuse at the store.)

#2350 - Photos of beauty on a short walk today.

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  1. :) thank you I'm fine.
    I'm done writing in public (for now).

    But still reading.