Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet My Baby

#2316 - She's a Pagoda Dogwood and she's a cutie.

#2317 - That friend behind her is an Ash tree, as are much of the mature trees in my neighborhood. The future for that tree is not merry. emerald ash borer (a green beetle native to Asia) is on its way. According to Wikipedia, "Dutch Elm Disease killed only a mere 200 million elm trees while EAB threatens 7.5 billion ash trees in the United States."

It makes me so sad to read. We already took down one ash in our front yard (not because it was infected, but it most likely would be) and once the other comes down, we'll need some shade!

Speaking of which the tag on my little pagoda says,

"Trees planted in urban areas can help reduce heating and cooling costs by 20%" Center for Urban Forest Research

I am not surprised by this at all. This house used to stay pretty cool with the windows closed etc. Since we cut the other ash down last summer (which was the primary tree shading the house) - Forget It!

#2318 - I also planted a Juniper in the backyard. I didn't pick him/her out, but I'm always happy to add more trees. I wonder if I love the deciduous trees more because they are huggable? Or maybe because they change throughout the year and I notice/appreciate them as they change?

#2319 -

I just have to give a shout out to the cranapple tree flowering white in our neighbor's yard which I can see from my window. It is gorgeous right now.

#2320 - I looked up what bird is nesting outside my bedroom window. I believe it is a house wren and it is has a beautiful song.

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  1. Pagoda Dogwood, sounds fancy! We are awaiting delivery of a few trees ourselves, bought from a tree farm near Dayton. Three colorado blue spruce, 1 maple, and 1 honey locust. We picked them out a couple weeks ago, before there were any leaves, and when we saw the honey locust I knew I had to have it! Jeff says it looks like a Holoween Tree but really it has the most beautiful shape. :) Emily