Tuesday, June 1, 2010


#461 - View while Washing Dishes at my friends' house thanks to their Neighbor - (the picture is taken through a window and screen so it doesn't do it justice, but check out the...)
#462 - Rain Barrel - their neighbor has attached to the gutters to conserve water and keep her beautiful flowers healthy

#463 - I saw someone coming door-to-door two houses down, my immediate reaction was annoyance. Then I felt surprised because I was sure it was a canvasser (not sales) and I used to work as a canvasser. I support what they do, so why am I annoyed? Anyway, I had a little time before she arrived to look in my wallet and Switch My Attitude. When she did I was able to smile and be supportive, not only with a little money, but an offer I know I rarely got but would have loved (the use of a bathroom). She didn't need it, but the Connection and Consideration made her Smile. Yeah Canvassers!

#464 - I stopped writing this to run into the room where the Wailin Jennys' Avila was playing. A few months ago I had this CD from the library and one day I started praying along with this song. Then I put the song on repeat and just kept praying.

Oh sweet peace, never have you fallen
never have you fallen upon this town
Oh sweet peace, when will you come calling
when will you come calling upon this town

I was visualizing parts of the world and sending rays of light. I was praying the way I imagine we are supposed to pray but usually we are too wrapped up in ourselves to be clear vessels. Anyway, I ran to this song because I was Reminded of the Moment I was a Clear Vessel. It didn't happen again today, but I am still grateful for the reminder.

#465 - The last two nights I went to bed with the sun. I didn't turn on any lights and just let the darkening naturally slow my body down for sleep. I didn't wake up any earlier the first day, but Today I Naturally Woke up at 5:30am. So for the past 24 hours I am Happy to be In Synchrony with the Sun.

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