Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sailing - Someday?

#591 - Carbon/Silicon - The News - My favorite song - of the moment. Maybe some lyrics will intrigue you enough to listen...

...People started growing, instead of being crushed
And people started slowing down instead of being rushed
And people started looking with very different eyes
And this information now comes as a surprise

Good morning here's the news and all of it is good
Good evening here's the news and all of it is good
And the weather's good!

People started calling those in power to account
And people started saying, "I want my voice to count"
And people started learning that they don't need to fight
And they control their future and try to make it right...

#582 - The Current Radio Station - for making the previous song a part of my day

#583 - Feeling Unmotivated to Run in Soccer
(it was hot and we didn't have any subs), but then Staying for a Second Game

#584 - My Brother Read this Book - (I'm just starting it.)

#595 - Eating Lunch Under this Majestic Oak - the largest diameter tree I've seen in MN

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