Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who She Was Being

#541 - Raspberries in the Backyard Soon

#542 - A Woman, Very Peacefully, Walking Through a Row of Trees Outside an Office Building

#543 - If it wasn't for this blog I would have given the previous woman just a passing glance. But I kept looking at her since I was grateful to see her walk in an unlikely place. It was as if she were meandering through a forest, not an office park. Who She was Being - Changed What I Was Thinking.

#544 - Feeling Comfortable/Welcome Around My Friend's Parents (I am dog-sitting for them soon so they were showing me where the food was etc.) After explaining things they invited me to eat dinner with them and it felt easy and natural even though my friend wasn't there. I feel blessed by this relationship.

#545 - Being Offered an Unexpected Dinner

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  1. 'Who She was Being - Changed What I Was Thinking'.... beautifully said