Sunday, June 13, 2010

11 Year Old Approval

#521 - Cloth Grocery Bags

#522 -
- I debated between the price of organic and non-organic canola oil today. It wasn't principle that tipped the scale in the Organic Category, it was Habit.

#523 - My Dad's Friendship with His Neighbor Across the Street

#524 - I felt surprised and Honored to read this -

- "Hey Tammy i was reading your blog (from like the past few months you wrote) well its really good and i mean in interesting i think its really fun to read i spent almost a hour reading it all...

P.S. you should type some more graditudes on your website instead of journaling because i enjoy reading them so much" (Really?

Granted she is my cousin, but I can hardly believe she read all this. Thanks Ashley!)

#525 - Okay I had this post ready to go, but then I just read Jason Mraz's blog and he is talking about Slavery (so I had to dump a gratitude of much less importance). AMEN!


  1. I meant to leave a comment on your post about tossing old photos. . . when I first read that I was a bit horrified, then I remembered I had just deleted a bunch of photos off my computer I didn't have a need for right now to free up some space. Same principle :) And I went from feel a blow to my heart to understanding completely :)

  2. You're onto a good thing, Tammy. Sharing your gratitude practice is a good model for others. Don't stop. It is so relevant for today!