Friday, June 25, 2010

Damn it Feels Good to Be Me

#581 - The music isn't my style, however any song with the premise/chorus - "Damn it Feels Good to Be Me" - is awesome

#582 - Noticing an Unfamiliar Cloud Formation. "Pocketed" is the closest word I can find to describe it.

#583 - My First Hummingbird Sighting that was not Near an Artificial Feeder

#584 - Flies Decomposing a Mouse Carcass - I recently read a book where they spoke about some desert region where there weren't any/many decomposers. Anyway, I don't usually appreciate flies, but when I saw them today I realized they were cleaning up.

#585 - The New 45 Parallel Marker on My Walk -and the map that showed other places at 45 degrees (like Turin, Italy).


  1. 585 is so cool.
    we should have those markers more often.
    reminds you that we all are connected.

  2. wow, i wouldn't have spent much time looking at the mouse. good for you!

  3. oh, and my mom's purple petunias are attracting hummingbirds - right by their backdoor no less!