Monday, June 21, 2010


#561 - Unexpectedly Reading the Poem "Love Said" - I started reading a poem on the internet today without knowing the author. I felt a familiar beating of my heart, deepening of my breath. I don't have a favorite food or musician or color or book...(my favorites change or are many), but by the end of the poem I was not surprised - of course it was my favorite poet - Rumi.

#562 - Today in Yoga I had so many annoying thoughts. Then, I was reminded of an Affirmation I am working on which I shortened to go with my breath

I am Confident (in Breath)
as I Succeed (out Breath)

I returned to this again and again throughout class and it Anchored Me.

#563 - By the end of class my breath had deepened enough so I could say the whole affirmation.
"I am confident as I succeed at bigger and bigger goals."

I've had a hard time with the word 'goal' since I picked this affirmation last August. Goals sound like willpower, striving - biking into the wind.

But in the Peace that Surrounded Shivasana I could see Goals Differently. They Were Not So Much About What I Did, But Rather What I Felt

#564 - I love honoring the solstices. The event I felt drawn to this year is on Wed though, not actually on the Solstice. Then today in Elizabeth Harper's newsletter she said she was doing a telephone seminar to honor the Summer Solstice. So the Desire to Do Something Today Brought an Event to Me (at home) Without Even Trying

#565 - The Peace I felt listening to Elizabeth's Meditation/Visualization

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