Saturday, June 19, 2010

Voices Wrapping

#551 - Last Summer a Farmer's Market Began within Walking Distance from Where I Live and It Is Back

#552 - Having a Dog (Molly) Walking Companion to the Market

#553 - It was sunny when I left, but getting close to the market it was clearly going to rain. Since I still had to walk home, I was going to get wet no matter what, so I just surrendered. I Felt Like a Super-Hero as People Watched Me Stroll Along in Search of Produce, Not Cowering for Cover or Even an Umbrella. In the end it was only a sprinkle, and I was dry by the time I got home anyway.

#554 - Laughing after Falling off a Hammock (I was warned about it, but actually when I figured it out on the third attempt it wasn't as fun).

#555 - When you take a risk in life it is like crawling out of your shell. In your shell it is safe and comfortable and warm. Why would anyone want to leave? But somehow, someway, there are things that draw us out. Once we are exposed under the sun we might want to run back in, to leave the uncertainty behind and rest in the familiar.

I just felt that way and then I went to the Brothers Frantzich website and Their Voices, this is not the First Time They've Done this, Their Voices just Wrapped around Me. Everything is Safe.

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