Monday, June 7, 2010

No More Photos Today

#491 - Projects You Wouldn't Start if You Thought it Through - I had some photos printed today. My last album is almost full, but instead of getting another one I figured I must have a bunch of photos I no longer want. I just started going through my albums and pulling out photos. (I wasn't very discriminating with photos I saved in my teen years). Anyway, now I will have plenty of space. I know I would never have begun this if I had thought it through, but now that I've started I will continue

#492 - That I Listened to the Darkening Light and Stopped This Project, There Was No Way I Was Finishing it Today

#493 - My Poem Arriving at My Friend Jean's via Emily at Just the Right Time

#494 - Jill told me to read the Martha Beck article in Oprah magazine. I connected with it in a different way than she expected, but I connected.

#495 - Conie Reminding Me She Doesn't have a TV in her Living Room Either
(or at all in her case)

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  1. I'm grateful that I'm not the only one that starts projects without knowing how it will end in every detail. :)