Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bell Bajao

#1186 - While Listening to some Live Music I went on a Visualization Journey for a Friend. It was a prayer without words - images.

#1187 - There was some tension in my household, not directly related to me, but usually I would absorb the tension regardless. I went in my bedroom, shut the door, and started playing the guitar. It just Washed it All Away, like an Energetic Shower

#1188 - "What Adele Diamond is learning about the brain challenges basic assumptions in modern education. Her work is scientifically illustrating the educational power of things like Play, Sports, Music, Memorization and Reflection. What Nourishes the Human Spirit, the Whole Person, it turns out, also Hones our Minds." NPR

#1189 - "British Columbia has said that socio-emotional development - developing good people who are good citizens, is a critical goal of our education system as critical as any of the other goals...They want very much to help Develop Children who are Kind, who are Caring, who are Compassionate, Who Know that Bullying is Wrong, Who Know that Helping Another is Right, and Who Do It." Adele Diamond

#1190 - Malika Dutt. Bell Bajao - a campaign in India. Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful, (1 minute video)

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